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Wind studies are the result of measurement work of at least one year of the Wind Measurements team. 

Each wind measurement mast is installed according to a protocol that is, also, the bases for future bankable wind studies. 

The client needs these wind studies, both for obtaining financing for the projects customer projects and to use at the maximum the wind power by correctly installing the future turbines. 

The success of our wind studies is given also by the support that EMD international gives us, the No. 1 consultant worldwide in the field of wind studies. 

Over 700 projects around the world have benefited from bankable wind studies conducted by our partners. 

Safety validity of these studies is given by: 

• Registration of wind parameters, in optimum conditions of equipment usage 

• Monthly maintenance of the wind poles

• World’s number one software, WindPRO, used to design and plan wind farms projects. It is recognized by all major turbine manufacturers and by most major financial institutions around the globe that come in direct contact with our wind studies. 

• Ensuring the compliance of the wind studies with the European Union and international rules, made available to our customers for 700,000 euro 


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