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The beginning of the construction of a wind farm is wind resource assessment and respectively the evaluation of the energy efficiency of the farm.

Wind Measurements has a partnership with one of the companies that pioneered the field of renewable energy in the world, EMD international.

In that framework and using the latest technology, Wind Measurements will provide the following services:

• Immediate assessment of area potential using satellite maps. By using this service you have access in maximum one week to a micrositing based on extensive expert wind studies of the past 30 years.
• Obtaining a preliminary layout of the future wind farm for three different wind turbines, depending on the wind study, mentioned above.
• Planning for future farm development and the steps that should be followed by the developer throughout the project.
• Mediation of the financial agreements for obtaining EU funds to co-finance the investments for wind measurement in monitoring the wind and the development of the wind park.
• Choosing the best locations to install wind measurement masts.
• Obtaining the necessary construction permits necessary to installing the wind measurement masts as well as of the future wind turbines
• Mediation of the agreements for obtaining environmental approvals and permits, electric power grid connection, the sale of green certificates.


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