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The first construction made for a wind farm is a wind measurement mast.

Wind Measurements team produce and installs wind measurement met masts with different features, that are adapted for all land and environmental conditions. The met masts and wind sensors are Ice Free ( www.icefree.ro )and are fully protected from ice adesion.

Tubular wind measurement masts

They come in sizes of 20-40-60-70m made of tubular galvanized compact and solid prrofiles. They have a high maneuverability to installation, but have an more difficult maintenance.


Wind measurement latice met masts

We are producing 3 types of lattice met mast:

1. Normal Ice Free met mast - designed for low wind speed and normal winter

2. Reinforced Ice Free met masts - designed for wind speeds u to 15-22 m/s and heavy winter

3. Super Reinforced Ice Free met masts - designed for wind speed up to 22-30 m/s and artic season or hight mountains conditions

They can reach large sizes of up to 120-140m being used mainly for a measurement as accurate as possible, at heights as near as possible to the height of the future turbines.

These wind measurement masts are more difficult to install but have a much easier maintenance in time.

A special service offered by Wind Measurements is relocation of any type of met mast.



For price quotes and more details, please, contact us via the contact form.