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Compact and Powerful – IM54 is the Latest Module from Motech


  • 02 2011 23

    Motech Industries, Inc. introduces its most compact multi-crystalline module, the IM54.  This smaller sized module will be made in Japan at Itogumi-Motech and will be powered by high quality Motech multi-crystalline cells, ensuring high efficiency and maximized kWh output.  The size and design of the IM54 was made in mind for the residential Japanese market where space is often limited, but residents still want to have the advantages of solar.

    The IM54 has a power output of 205-220W and boosts a robust mechanical design which will withstand the varying weather conditions found in Japan.  From heavy snow loads and cold temperatures, to the high temperatures of the summer, the Itogumi-Motech made IM54 will hold up and still perform at a high standard.  While the IM54 is designed to comply with most current market BOS (Balance of System), Itogumi-Motech will also be introducing a specially designed BOS to work in concert with the IM54 in April 2011.

    IM54 will be highlighted for the first time at the Itogumi-Motech Booth at PV Expo in Japan.  Made in Japan by Itogumi-Motech, the IM54 will be J-PEC listed in March 2011 for the convenience and benefit of Japanese residential customers.

    Sursa: renewableenergyworld.com