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DynGlobal Sends Water Purification Units to Japan


  • 04 2011 04

    DynGlobal is working around the clock to ship additional units all over the world to those seeking potable water.  The DynGlobal water purification units, with capacities ranging from 100 liters per day up to hundreds of thousands of liters per day, feature a four-stage ultrafiltration process enabling them to filter out radioactive contamination, arsenic, mercury, lead, bacteria, and other heavy metals.  The units are rapidly deployable and can be paired with backup battery power to be completely grid-independent.

    DynGlobal’s solar driven water purification units are available to be shipped from its manufacturing in California and could reach users in Japan or other locations around the world in as little as one day.

     For more information about the company and its products, or to inquire about donations or purchasing solar water purification solutions, visit us at dynglobal.com or call 855- DYN-GLBL.

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