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Expanded Black & Veatch service supports solar technology investment


  • 04 2011 15

    Overland Park, KansasBlack & Veatch is expanding its solar photovoltaic (PV) services. The company's Solar PV Bankability practice now provides independent engineering and due diligence services to manufacturers of solar PV materials.“Black & Veatch is a trusted partner to the financial community. Our specialized solar PV services enable our clients to make investment decisions with confidence,” said Rodger Smith, President of Black & Veatch’s management consulting business. “By combining this expertise with our world-renowned engineering capabilities, we can help our manufacturing clients improve their ‘bankability’ and better position their operations for continued investment.”

    Black & Veatch is frequently relied upon by clients in the United States and China to evaluate facilities that manufacture PV modules and supporting technologies, such as inverters that convert PV energy to alternating current. Evaluations, which are conducted on behalf of both investors and facility owners, verify technology claims and ensure manufacturing processes produce a consistent, high-quality product in a cost-effective manner.

    Dr. Ralph Romero, who recently joined Black & Veatch’s management consulting business, leads the expanded Solar PV Bankability practice. Dr. Romero is an expert in the commercial development of crystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaic technology. His consulting experience includes advising client investment in the areas of technology, manufacturing, product and process design, project evaluation and operations management.

    “The solar PV industry is advancing at a rapid pace as demand for cost-effective and clean energy continues to grow,” said Dr. Romero. “Investors and manufacturers need a skilled partner to evaluate technologies and designs of these advanced facilities prior to making significant investments. Black & Veatch provides our clients with the knowledge and expertise needed to help facilitate their decisions in these areas, and thus foster continued growth.”

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