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MP Series


  • 03 2011 11

    Everett, WA Magnum Energy has released the Magnum Panel (MP). The Magnum Panels have all the hardware required to parallel stack up to four MS-PAE Series inverters, or to easily series stack two MS4024 inverters. These panels include the DC main disconnect, AC input, output and bypass breakers, as well as room for additional DC breakers for PV or DC loads.

    With four Magnum Panels to choose from, it is easy to pick the enclosure for your current system, or to choose a larger enclosure that will grow with you if you add a MPX Series Extension Box with each additional inverter. Choose the MPSL-30D - Magnum Panel, Single Enclosure, Low Capacity for 1 or 2 inverters, the MPSH-30D – Magnum Panel, Single Enclosure, High Capacity for up to 3 inverters; or the MPDH-30D – Magnum Panel, Dual Enclosure, High Capacity for 2 to 4 inverters. Each enclosure has an easily accessible front panel AC Bypass system, AC and DC disconnect breakers (one with the Single Enclosure and two with the Dual Enclosure), and you receive one additional set of breakers with each MPX Extension Box. If you are series stacking the MS4024 inverters, then the MPSL-60S will supply everything you need to easily wire two MS4024 inverters in one complete system. The hardware supports DIN rail or back mount DC breakers. The Magnum Panels include a shunt for easy battery monitor integration and DC (positive and negative) and AC busbars. Trade size knockouts are standard to make integration of any inverter/charger or charge controller simple. The mounting bracket included with the Magnum Panels for the ME-RTR allows you to locate the router below the inverter and provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

    Sursa: renewableenergyworld.com