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Report analyses technologies and methods used to build profitable Offshore Wind Farm


  • 03 2011 31

    LondonWhilst offshore wind is booming in many countries, offshore wind farms require additional capital investment due to more expensive marine foundations, integration in to the electrical network, and installation procedures in addition to limited access for O&M during operation.LONDON 31/03/11

    The new Offshore Wind Installations and Constructions Report published by Wind Energy Update has found that offshore wind farms being built further away from the shore, using larger and much heavier turbines has paved the way for new innovation in offshore wind.

    Among the report’s findings are:

    • Monopile foundations are being pushed to its structural limits in the Greater Gabbard project

    • Experts interviewed for the report said that there are only 15 vessels available for the installation of cables in offshore wind farms, learn how the industry is coping with the shortage

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