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Shenzhen's Achievements in Solar Industry


  • 04 2011 27

    Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, ChinaResponding to Premier Wen's commitment at Copenhagen Conference, Shenzhen City requires that all of the newly constructed buildings (less than 12 floors) should be installed with the solar power. And the scope of relevant regulation will be enhanced to all the constructions. Shenzhen City has already been approved by the Central Government to be Pilot City in turns of making good use of renewable energy. The central government requires that Shenzhen City must successfully adopt renewable energy for 7 million square meters area within 3 years. This is a good turning point for Shenzhen City to adopt the solar power for the constructions.In recent years, Shenzhen has already created several no. 1 in China:

    1. In 2002, the first photovoltaic panel wall building in China is Shenzhen FangDa Building, which was designed and established by Shenzhen FangDa Group Co., Ltd. 

    2. In 2004, the first commercial 1MW grid-connected solar photovoltaic pwoer generation in Asia was built in Shenzhen Flower Garden.

    3. In 2007, the first 1.2 MW grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation project, Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center solar roof project was the largest relevant project invested by domestic private enterprise at that time.

    4. By Nov. 2010, the largest domestic BIPV project in China is Shenzhen North Railway Station solar roof photovoltaic power generation project.

    5. In Nov. 2010, the first coastal entertainment underground car parking with solar power generation in China was built in Shenzhen Happy Coast. And the car parkiing covers 10 million square meter.

    6. In Nov. 2010, the largest scale thin film photovoltaic roof project in China, "EB-DuPont solar photovoltaic power generation project" was built in Shenzhen, with a total installed capacity of 1.3MW, which has been included in the national "Golden Sun demonstration project".

    7. On Nov. 29, 2010, Shenzhen Heng-tai-hao solar photovoltaic project with an initial investment of 6 billion, mainly produce polycrystalline solar ingot casting and slice, fill in the gaps in the fields of producing polycrystalline solar ingot casting and slice in Guangdong Province, China.

    In the past five years, Shenzhen City has established a total of 44 solar energy demonstration projects, of which 15 has become national-level / state-level solar energy demonstration projects. Shenzhen is the first city who established the important new energy production base and became the first low-carbon economy city in China. Solar photovoltaic Power will become the main power of the world energy, and has broad prospects and huge potential for development in the near future.


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