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Solar Contractors Gain Extraordinary Scalability with the New SolarNexus Partner Network


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    Berkeley, Calif., April 4, 2011SolarNexus, the leader in web-based solar business management software, has launched a new partner network that enables solar contractors to more efficiently access and collaborate with industry-leading service companies through the SolarNexus platform. The initial partners on the network are Burnham Energy, GetSolar.com, Next Phase Solar, and Solar Energy Group. The services these companies offer address critical parts of the project lifecycle that are both complex and critical to project success."The most profitable solar contractors use sub-contractors to flexibly scale their businesses, allowing them to meet demand while controlling fixed operating costs while benefiting from the deep expertise of these partners," said Eric Alderman, CEO of SolarNexus.The SolarNexus Partner Network allows solar contractors to deal with surges in demand or outsource specific tasks on a regular basis, enabling them to become nimble and scalable.  Via SolarNexus, solar contractors can easily order and collaborate with the industry’s leading service providers to buy qualified leads, outsource permit packages, create 3-line diagrams, hire stand-ins for inspectors, or get help troubleshooting distant service problems.

     “The most profitable solar contractors use sub-contractors to flexibly scale their businesses, allowing them to meet demand while controlling fixed operating costs while benefiting from the deep expertise of these partners,” said Eric Alderman, CEO of SolarNexus.  “However, sourcing, communicating and working with sub-contractors have been manual and inefficient.  The SolarNexus Service Provider Network streamlines the entire process saving both the contractor and partner time, errors and money.” 

    Initial service providers include:

    Burnham Energy: Burnham Energy, a subsidiary of Burnham Nationwide, is the nation’s premier solar permitting and inspections company.

    GetSolar.com: Connects qualified solar contractors with carefully pre-qualified residential and commercial customer leads.

    Next Phase Solar: The industry leader in PV system maintenance and corrective action.

    Solar Energy Group:  Experienced solar professionals providing expert design, permitting packages, and financial analyses to newly experienced solar energy installers.

    Solar contractors can use the SolarNexus platform and SolarNexus Partner Network to scale up quickly to meet surges in demand without any long-term obligations to continue the use of these services. They can provide partners limited access to their projects’ details, such as site and system configuration information and photos, eliminating the back-and-forth since everything is centrally-located within SolarNexus.  The final sub-contractor results will then be uploaded and archived in the solar contractor’s SolarNexus account where the rest of their project documentation is securely and centrally stored.

    For example, if a spike in sales occurs near the end of an incentive cycle or at the peak of the season, contractors can handle the temporary swell by using Burnham Energy or Solar Energy Group to pull permits or draft system schematics.  And for qualified solar contractors that need more jobs to keep their crews busy, GetSolar.com acts like an extended sales team by uploading qualified leads directly to the solar contractors’ SolarNexus account.

    Likewise, a solar contractor that needs to replace or upgrade products in the field could use a SolarNexus service provider like Next Phase Solar to address this need without hiring additional staff or using the valuable time of key employees.  

    This new ability to efficiently access and collaborate with solar contractors and other potential partners is advantageous to the suppliers as well.  “Contractors can find our services and work with us more easily,” said Greg Sellers, President of Burnham Energy.  “Leveraging the SolarNexus Partner Network gives us an efficient channel to the growing base of smaller installers, and a collaboration platform that helps us run a productive and profitable business.”

    To learn more about how the SolarNexus Partner Network works, or to learn more about a particular partner, sign up for your free SolarNexus account at http://www.solarnexus.com.

    About SolarNexus

    SolarNexus Inc. provides web-based solar business management software that makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to install, manufacture, and sell solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the solution understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eliminating inefficiencies and facilitating collaboration among project team members and externally with their SolarNexus Service Providers. SolarNexus is free to solar installers for up to 10 users, and now offers a more robust Professional version for installers with greater need for more user licenses, automation, and customization.  For more information visit www.solarnexus.com.

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