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Solar FlexRacks Are Part of One of the Largest Solar Arrays in the State of Michigan


  • 05 2011 05

    A joint effort funded by Detroit Edison, the Michigan Public Service Commission and Ford helped make a project at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne a reality. Up to 500kw of renewable energy supplied by the solar power generation system will help power the production of the Ford Focus and Focus Electric, as well as next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

    A total of 84 2x13 Solar FlexRacks, each holding 26 PV modules, were installed for the project, for which Nova Consultants served as contractor.

    As with a solar array project of any size, what makes the Solar FlexRack such an attractive choice is the speed and ease with which it can be installed.

    It takes a three-man crew only 5 minutes or less to install each Solar FlexRack. By contrast, Solar FlexRack’s nearest competitor touts an installation time of 45 minutes with a six-man crew. Specifying the Solar FlexRack specified in an RFP can result in project savings of as much as 40 percent for construction.


    Sursa: renewableenergyworld.com