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Top Trends in the Adoption of Electric Vehicles


  • 04 2011 30

    Los Angeles, CAA key take-away from this electric vehicles webinar recording is the myriad types of businesses that will flourish as a result of the migration to electric transportation, including clean power generation, "telematics" (information services), smart-grid components, and billing services."We feign concern about the national debt weCraig Shields, author of RENEWABLE ENERGY - FACTS & FANTASIES, presented slides and insights about the past and present of the electric vehicles industry.  The questions and answers from a broad audience of online global participants was insightful.

    Shields began by noting the importance of the transition from a purely practical standpoint.  “Energy consumption is closely tied to GDP,” he told listeners.  “So, as long as we’re concerned about economic growth and stability – as long as we’re not returning to our roots as an agrarian or hunter/gatherer society, we’ll need to generate and consume more energy.  This creates the imperative to do so wisely, and EVs will play a huge role here.” 

    Shields went on to discuss the other aspects of electric transportation that make it so attractive, especially national security and health issues. 

    View the webinar slides and recording here:


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